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A huge batch of improvements and new features
July 4, 2021

We've been working tirelessly for the past few months to deliver a ton of great new features and improvements for all Noora customers. Here's a quick recap:

Drag/drop reordering of cards on your roadmap ↕️

We know that order matters when you are showing priority. So we made it simple to drag/drop in the admin view to re-order your public roadmap.

Admin digest emails ✉️

We've improved the notification system for workspace admins, so you'll receive a daily digest of what is new or which features are getting the most attention from your userbase.

Admin only setting for new posts 🔒

Do you want to collect votes and start a discussion, but not collect entirely new ideas? Now you can! Just toggle on admin only posting for your feedback boards.

Youtube integration 📹

Embed Youtube videos on your changelog to make communicating new releases even clearer.

Loom integration 📹

Embed Loom videos across your portal to connect even more easily with your users.

Export to CSV 🖨️

You can now export a list of every contact that has voted for a particular feature, perfect for reaching out to them in another tool.

Linked feedback
Add the ability to export the list of users who are interested in an idea
Feature Requests
Add an option for voting/comment only for non-admins on certain boards
Feature Requests
Add an option to group notifications to daily/weekly updates for admins
Feature Requests
Allow admins to manually order the roadmap
Feature Requests
Embedded video support in changelog posts
Feature Requests
Loom Integration
Feature Requests
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