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Improved SEO and unfurling support
January 8, 2021

We've now rolled out the first iteration of our improved SEO and unfurling support. SEO and other bot crawlers will now get better information about the contents of the public pages of your Noora portal. This means that for example search results in Google will display the correct title and description preview for feature requests and changelog posts.

In addition, when sharing links on Facebook, Twitter and Slack, these links will be unfurled correctly with more relevant information. We'll also check if you've added an image to a changelog post and set that as the cover image.

In addition, for those workspaces who have enabled custom domains, you can also add a sitemap for the public pages of your Noora portal (so if your site is hosted at, your sitemap can be found at The sitemap only contains entries for public pages, so you do not need to be concerned about private board posts being added here.

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