Zendesk integration
Cat Colwell
Cat Colwell
Jun 22, 2023

The breadth of integration could vary, but I'm imagining it could be similar to the Jira integration.

With Zendesk as a support/ticketing system for our service, it is a natural source of feedback (ideas and bugs) from users.

A Zendesk integration could allow one to many ZD tickets to be linked/tagged into Noora items, so that Noora admin users can see the original (or related) Zendesk tickets that relate to that roadmap/feedback items. A related Zendesk ticket would ideally flow through to being a vote on that Noora roadmap item.

Going further would be the ability to create new Noora roadmap items on the basis of a Zendesk ticket. In absolute blue sky thinking, you'd populate the created Noora item based on the Zendesk user and ticket text, with the ability to trim/edit as required.

If the above was too big and complicated, an easy win could be a couple of admin "notes" type fields.

I'm imagining one would just be a paragraph free text, and the other would be formatted for (potentially a list of) links for related issues - this could then be Zendesk ticket links, but it could also be issue links in some other dev or support ticketing system that's not currently supported with a thorough integration.

Glenn Stiemens
Jun 19, 2023

Which parts of Noora and Zendesk would you like to see integrated?